Today Estil brand is one of the best-selling Bulgarian brands for suitcases, travel bags, accessories for road and work. Here you will find solutions to any challenge the trip will face you.

Suitcases and travel bags. The widest range of products, both in terms of design and functionality, size and fabrics. Convenient choice for those looking for more flexible luggage accessories. Suitable for both the limited spaces in the saloon of the next flight and your personal car.

Men’s Business Bags, Business Bags for Documents. A natural extension of our extensive research into the dynamic lifestyle of modern corporate employees.

Women’s bags. While we are looking for style mainly on long trips, we never forget the key role played by the lady’s bag in the lady’s self-perception and lifestyle of the modern lady. The latest trends of fashion and our own design searches are found in these series of accessories.

All these years, we strive to maximize our experience with the wishes and requirements of our customers to create the optimal products. We strive to work for people with a dynamic lifestyle and help maximize the convenience of their journeys.