Dear visitors,

Here you will find complete information and rules regarding the use of the parking lot in Mall Markovo Tepe.

The working hours of the parking lot are from 06:00 to 00:00.

  1. The first 1 hour of the stay is free
  2. Every next hour is charged 2 BGN with VAT
  3. In case of stay after the end of working hours in the parking lot – 00:00, you will pay a fine of 12 BGN with VAT
  4. Lost ticket fee 15 BGN with VAT
  5. Clients can receive an extra free hours after they present a receipt and validate the parking tickets at the cash desks of the following:

Arena cinema – 3 hours

– BILLA supermarket – 1 hour

– Capella Play – 3 hours

– Athletic Fitness – 3 hours

Once you have validated your ticket on the payment machine, you have 10 minutes to leave the car park.

For a monthly parking subscription, please contact Maria Krasteva at 0882 433 734.
See full rules here.