Markovo Tepe Mall - level +2, in front of children’s center Capella Play


The purest of love is that between a mother and child. This inspired us to organize an event for you and your toddler to mark International Women’s Day.

In this holiday weekend – March 8th from 11:30, in front of children’s center Capella Play on the +2 level, we invite you to an exciting performance, where your child will be the star on our stage and you will be our most special guest!

Each youngster will have the opportunity to greet Mom and wish her a happy holiday with a song, poem or dance. Choose your child’s repertoire, rehearse it and see your little one present it boldly and happily on our holiday stage. Invite your family and friends to celebrate and capture this sweet and beautiful moment of appreciation and love.

Enroll your child (3 to 12 years old) from 26.02 to 08.-3 (entries are also valid immediately before the show itself), by calling 0882853987 or by sending a personal message to Markovo Tepe Mall’s official Facebook page with:

Your child’s name
Your child’s age

Repertoire (song, poem, dance, others – please no drawings)

Mother’s name

Phone number

The Markovo Tepe Mall team will contact you on the phone for details and presentation order in the “Greet Mom” event.

Since a holiday cannot pass without gifts, there will be tasty surprises for our young talents and we will honor their loving mothers with beautiful flowers, so that every child can give Mom a dose of beauty.

We look forward to seeing you at an exciting Women’s Day at Markovo Tepe Mall!