With the opening of the first KiK store in Düsseldorf Gerresheim in 1994, founder Stefan Heinig marked the beginning of one of the most successful company stories in German retail.

The success of KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH is based on the development of a new business model, that of the textile discounter.

Today, KiK is among the Top 10 largest retailers in Germany and has over 3,400 stores in Europe – including in Bulgaria!

Offering quality and at the same time profitable textiles is the essence of our activity and represents about 70 percent of our entire range. Our offer is complemented by our non-food items.

At KiK every day you will find new ideas for your clothes and many other fantastic products for the whole family. Come to KiK and find great and modern clothes with excellent quality at reasonable prices. Realize your own style with our wide fashion range for women and men, for children and in large sizes.