Carnival Kids

Carnival Kids® is a trademark chain of children’s and baby clothing stores, established in Bulgaria over 20 years ago.

Through all these years, we have learned a lot from our customers. The time we have is proving to be our greatest value. We try to make it easier for our customers, as well as to save them as much time as possible when shopping, offering a huge availability of a wide range of children’s clothes, shoes and accessories – from newborns to adolescents (0-14 years old).

We aim to always be the first store that every customer of ours can think of when they need children’s clothes, shoes or an accessory.

Every collection of children’s clothes, shoes and accessories with our trademark Carnival Kids is created and produced thanks to our customers who share their opinions about the fabrics, quality, accents and current trends in children’s fashion. Each model of clothing, shoes and accessory with another brand, which we import and offer in our stores, are selected specifically according to criteria also shared by our long-standing customers.

We have been dressing children in joy for over 20 years!